Haiku Mill – Maui Wedding Venue Guide

If you’re considering getting married on Maui Hawaii then I’m sure you’ve looked at the Haiku Mill. It’s a world famous wedding venue that sits up country Maui. It made our list of Top 4 Wedding Venues on Maui.

Before you get married at the Haiku Mill you should read this article, that includes everything we think that you should know about the Haiku Mill on Maui Hawaii.

Here is our full guide on getting married at the Haiku Mill.

The Haiku Mill is one of our Top 8 Favorite Venues in the World!

This wedding venue is a historic site, here is some basic info.

Here is what you’ll want to know for your wedding day. This is very specific information about the Maui Haiku Mill.

Here is a venue walkthrough video of the Haiku mill:

If you’re getting married here. You’ll want a great wedding photographer. So, here are the 4 wedding photographers that we personally recommend for this wedding venue:

Also, if you haven’t already be sure to watch our About Us video here:

The Haiku Mill is an incredible wedding venue and I hope this article has helped you make a decision on if this is the right wedding venue for you.