4 Best Wedding Photographers on Maui Hawaii

Best Maui Wedding Photographers

So, you’re getting married on Maui and are deciding who to use for your wedding photography.

Michael and I got married on Maui in 2014 and had a really small wedding on a tight budget. So, we found a facebook group of wedding photographers on posted that we need a photographer for our wedding in Maui and have a budget of $1,500. We received a storm of responses to our post, about 100+ photographers were willing to fly to Maui and photograph our wedding for only $1,500. I’m not sure if this was to make a vacation out of the trip or if they wanted it as a portfolio piece.

Either way, I would not recommend doing this same thing. It’s similar to every family has an uncle or cousin who is “getting into photography” and willing to cover your wedding for cheap. It’s obvious why this is a bad idea, and less obvious why hiring a mainland photographer for your wedding is a bad idea.

Here’s the reason why I’d recommend using a local Maui wedding photographer for your wedding. Maui has a very unique culture and is very close to the equator. There are many pieces of your Maui wedding that a mainland photographer might not anticipate or be ready for. Something as simple as doing couples shots during “golden hour” and discovering that it only lasts about 15min near the equator instead of an hour.

So, if you hire a maui wedding photographer for your Maui wedding, who should you select? Let us help:

If you’re getting married in Maui, Hawaii and looking for the best wedding photographers on island, then look no further. We have been providing photo & video for weddings on Maui since 2010 and know the market very well. Here are 4 wedding photographers that we LOVE working with that have earned the highest recommendations from us.

Maui Wedding Photographer #1

Maui Wedding Photographer #2

Maui Wedding Photographer #3

Maui Wedding Photographer #4


Below you will find a short bio on each wedding photographer. You’ll also see a gallery of their work next to each photographer. As you can see, they each have a very unique style of work.