Maui’s Best Wedding Planners

First things first. If you’re getting married on Maui Hawaii, then I highly recommend using a coordinator that is familiar with planning weddings on Maui. Ashley and I love to travel and as strange as this may sound Hawaii has a much different culture from mainland USA than many of the countries we’ve been to.

We have worked with many INCREDIBLE planners from New York and California that are great at what they do. However, there is a HUGE learning curve if you don’t understand the culture of Hawaii.

So, please check with your coordinator if they’ve planned a wedding in Hawaii yet. I wouldn’t recommend being their wedding that they do their learning on. If you’re still searching for a coordinator for your wedding on Maui Hawaii, then here are the 4 top coordinators we personally recommend on Maui.

Each one has a very different ideal bride and ideal wedding. Here are the four coordinators that we recommend on Maui and here are the reason why:

If you are planning a destination wedding on Maui Hawaii, then here are the 4 wedding planners that we personally recommend.

Maui Wedding Planner #1

Maui Wedding Planner #2

Maui Wedding Planner #3

Maui Wedding Planner #4

The reason that finding the right wedding planner is so important is because with a destination wedding you might not be able to organize things as easily on your own from off island. A local wedding planner will already have strong relationships with the local wedding vendors. They also have a great understanding of the culture here and how to organize things on a small island.

Here are some short Promo Video Bio’s that we’ve made for each wedding planner that we love.

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch out About Us video here:

I really hope that all of this information has helped you in planning your destination wedding on Maui Hawaii.