4 Best Wedding Venues on Maui Hawaii

So you’ve decided to get married on Maui Hawaii. There is a handful of wedding venues to choose from.

You can have a simple elopment on the beach. However, there are strict restrictions about not having an arch, no chairs, no speakers, etc.

If you’re having more than 4 guests, it might be good to find an official venue so that your guests can sit down.

On Maui Hawaii there are a lot of venues to choose from. Here are our personal favorites and the reasons why.

There are a lot of wedding venues to choose from on Maui Hawaii. Here are our 4 favorite Maui wedding venues.

Maui Wedding Venue #1

Maui Wedding Venue #2

Maui Wedding Venue #3

Maui Wedding Venue #4


Here is a short bio about each wedding venue. Also, you’ll notice links to each of this venues for a FULL description on each venue if you want more information. If you’re getting married in Maui, Hawaii and want to tie the knot at one of our favorite wedding venues, then you now know the list.