Olowalu Plantation House – Maui Wedding Venue Guide

The Olowalu Plantation House made our list of 4 Best Wedding Venues on Maui Hawaii.


However, there are some things that you should know about it, before selecting it as your Maui wedding venue.

Read this article on everything we think that you should know before planning a wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House in Maui, Hawaii.

First of all knowing the layout, The Olowalu Plantation house is a gorgeous beachfront venue located in between Maalaea and Lahina. This venue is known for its pier that stretches into the ocean, being an oceanfront venue, and the banyan tree with beautiful brickwork around it.

Olowalu Plantation house is one of my personal favorite beachfront wedding venues on Maui. This is the perfect place to have a destination wedding, with the comfort of having green grass that is basically on the water with incredible views in all directions. This is definitely a one of a kind property and is in high demand.

Like I said one of the coolest parts about this wedding venue is the pier. I love taking people who have never been before. I will tell them not to look back till they are at the very end so they can have the full effects of the grand reveal!  When you look back towards the shore you see one of the most beautiful views of the West maui mountains symmetrically placed as well as the water on both sides. It truly is a magical place. This pier is part of the Olowalu Plantation house but it can be used by anyone. It really is a sight to see and a common place to take couples photos here on Maui. If you are looking for a wedding venue with epic views of the mountains while being waterfront with a pier this is one of the only venue on Maui that can give you that.

Other things that this venue is known for is it’s grassy lawns. It has big and beautiful open spaces for you to create the garden ceremony of your dreams. From tucked into the shade beside the massive pine tree to as close to the ocean as possible while still being on the grass. There are endless possibilities with this space which makes it so amazing. The grass can also be used to have your reception on, dining and dancing under the stars. At the Olowalu Plantation House it’s almost hard not to experience the full wonder and splendor of Maui. 

The entire lawn leading up to the pier can be used for photos. Like I said there are many ways you may setup your ceremony on just lawn itself here are a few examples of what your ceremony location might look like if you decide to have it on the lawn.

The lawn leads straight up to the waters edge making this one of the closest places you can get married by the ocean on Maui. At times there is also a little beach you can dip your toes in and get stunning beach shots only steps away from the rest of the party. During whale season there have been quite a few whale spotting on this part of the island. We have seen them come less than 100 feet away everyone in the wedding celebrated in awe and excitement. The beach in front of the Olowalu Plantation House changes depending on the season. It is sunny in olowalu more often than not which makes the water stand out and look crystal clear. Typically with the beach itself there are a lot of rocks. This makes it different from the sandy beaches on other parts of the island. Here is an example of what the beach may look like for couples photos by the water.

It still is extremely beautiful but we recommend instead of going barefoot or wearing heels for your photos keeping a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals on for this portion of the day. Having a pair set aside for walking on the rocks will save you time and comfort when having your wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House. The pier that you can walk down to get more incredible couples shots is also almost entirely covered in rocks. This does add to the uniqueness of the venue, but it’s also nice to be prepared! Speaking of being prepared it is also good to know that depending on the day the waves can crash onto the end of the pier which can sneak up on you if your not paying attention. Here is a shot we captured from our drone showing an example of waves on the pier. 

While we are on the topic of drones, this venue is one of the best for getting epic drone shots of your wedding! The fact that it is so private and large makes for amazing shots. Also its in a great area that’s far enough from any airports and no fly zones. Other venues are not setup for it and others altogether make it impossible to fly a drone. So that’s pretty cool if you are interested in having those epic landscape shots with the beach, mountains, venue, and pier. This is probably the easiest place speaking from a licensed drone pilot.





Another part of the Venue that really stands out is the giant banyan tree with beautiful brickwork below it. It also leaves so much space for the imagination. You can have you ceremony or your reception here as well. The banyan tree provides a lot of shade and protection from the sun.  Another reason why this venue is so highly rated is because the weather on this part of the island has mainly sunny days and beautiful weather. The tree can be used to add lights to add material to and stands out as a beautiful centerpiece. The brick area is a nice place for the dance floor, and are well maintained.

The reason this venue is called the Olowalu Plantation House is, you guessed it because the house itself is a Classic Hawaiian Plantation home. Having a historic home like this brings in a rich multicultural setting. Speaking on history something that I learned from researching more on The Olowalu Plantation house is that the house was built in 1922 and that this area Olowalu was known for being a haven of refuge by the Hawaiian people. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one for the groom and groomsmen to get ready in and one set aside for the bride and her bridesmaids. This makes it great for almost all bridal parties. The house has a living/ dining area as well as a spacious lanai.

The Olowalu Plantation House is an award winning wedding venue on the West side of Maui Hawaii. This location is known for its beautiful sunsets for your evening wedding. There are often whales just off the beach here during whale season. Here is some basic information about the Olowalu Plantation House. The venue has a Plantation house you can use to get ready in.  Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers proved by the olowalu plantation house.

You might also want to know all this specific information about this wedding venue for planning out your wedding.

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